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Security Advice

While the best advice, when it comes to security, is to discuss your specific safety and security needs with a professional locksmith, Zetland Locksmiths has some security information for homeowners that will be helpful. Poor security risks safety, and it is our intent to keep all property owners as safe as possible in their dwelling.

Overgrown Landscapes

  • The windows to a home are especially vulnerable, as well as insecure doors. Homes with overgrown vegetation, shrubs and trees that shield the areas from the roadside make for the ideal spot for a burglar to enter the home. All trees, shrubs and vegetation should be trimmed so that all windows and doors are visible from the roadside; eliminating a place for burglars to hide while they access entry to the home.
  • Install locked gates on the back and sides of your home to deter burglars. The walls or fencing should be a 2 metre minimum. Also, trellis are ideal to help deter burglars as they make climbing difficult.
  • Install security lighting around the outside of the home, including motion lights and timed lighting.
  • Any outdoor sheds and garage doors should be fitted with padlocks.
  • Remove all items around the outside of the home that can be used to break into the home, or to climb up to a higher window, like garden tools and ladders.

Doors, Window and Locks

  • Be sure all doors are solid and cannot be easily kicked in.
  • Be sure that all doors and windows are secured with high security locks.
  • Install windows in the home that are PAS certified to British Standard BS7950
  • Replace in ground doors and glass panels with laminated glass, which is much stronger and holds together when shattered
  • When replacing a lock cylinder, be sure that it is to standard TS007
  • Fit patio doors with additional security bolts

Inside Your Home

  • Never leave the home without shutting all the windows and doors and locking each.
  • Close the curtains so that a burglar cannot see the contents of the home, as well as whether occupants are inside from the roadside.
  • Move all valuables away from widow areas and areas a burglar can see into your home.
  • Mark all items with permanent ink or by engraving them with your identity which not only deters burglars from the items, but helps police identify the items should they be stolen and recovered.
  • Always make your home appeared occupied. Never leave the house, leaving a burglar the impression that the home is empty. Have a radio or TV on, and have lights set to go off at different times throughout the day/evening.
  • During the daytime, do not lose your curtains, as this gives a burglar the impression no one is home.
  • Use automatic timer switches to turn on lights and radios, as well as TV.
  • When away for more than a few days, cancel the newspaper, mail and milk deliveries. Also, ask a neighbour to open and close windows and keep a close eye on your home.

High security is important. Not only when you are away from your home, but while you are in your home, which is even more important as your life can also be risked should a burglar break enter the home. Zetland Locksmiths offers consultations and high security solutions and services in
Zetland. Please contact us today to discuss your security needs.

At Zetland Locksmiths, our locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day. Whether you need a simple lock replacement or would like to discuss upgrading your home security, we are the locksmiths to call. Our locksmiths will gladly come to your location to determine the best security options.

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